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Intertwining tradition with modernity


The Aldersbach Brewery is a Bavarian monastery brewery that is owned by the family of Freiherr von Aretin. We like to live up to both the tradition of our brewery as well as modern-day challenges. We set high standards regarding the high quality of our products, our services and qualification as well as commitment of our employees.


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Aldersbach Brewery has a long tradition to look back to: It was already mentioned in a ruling of Count Albert von Hals to the monastery's monks in 1268. Then, it still used to be a small brewery that mainly produced beer for private use.


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Beer specialities

We use best ingredients and high quality brewing water and add our traditional art of brewing to create the special flavour we are famous for. This and the state-of-the-art production technology we use result in a full-bodied and refreshing beer taste. A real joy for your palate!


Non-alcoholic beverages

Our Aldersbacher non-alcoholic beverages are popular with kids and adults alike. The range on drinks we offer spans from wellness and fruit juice drinks up to tingly soft drinks.


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Aldersbacher Wheat Beer Queen


In the context of the Aldersbacher Spring Festival, the 15th Aldersbacher Wheat Beer Queen was elected on Saturday 5 May.


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Monastery shop

You can purchase the famous Aldersbach beer delicacies here as well as utensils and articles for fans of the Bavarian brewing art.


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The family of Freiherr von Aretin

Historically, Aldersbacher beer is closely linked to the monastery and symbolises Bavarian tradition, lifestyle, genuineness and indispensable love for the region.

One cannot cherish these attributes enough in our fast-moving times.


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The art of brewing

The Steinecker-Referenz-Sudhaus (brewhouse) was entirely designed by 3D computer technology, combining technical functionality with traditional beer brewing know-how. It is therefore up to the latest standard of technology and stands out with its high-quality appearance.


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